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To the confessor: We don’t know for sure if she’s actually had injections, but it seems likely.

To the confessor: Just so you know, Kim hasn’t admitted to having work done, so don’t jump to conclusions. Although, I also think she has had some work done.

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Anonymous wondered:
I am so sad that Khloe and Lamar are divorcing. But if French makes her happy, then I support her decision.

Sorry, there’s been so many confessions like this, it’s kind of repetitive to make it over and over again.

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Anonymous wondered:
Seriously? Even if they don't appear on the episode they still get paid?

Yes, because they signed a contract per season, but are still paid per episode. 


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serena5073 wondered:
Whats the link for the intervieuw where kendall admit shes dating julian plz !

Sorry, but I don’t think there is a video interview for when she said that. It was mostly just hints that she gave during a bunch of interviews and through pictures. 


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